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Why hire a language consultant?

Text is the basis of business and communication. Correct documentation effictivizes operations and secures the basic professionalism that clients, contacts, scientists and officials expect.

I've never done this before, what next?

Contact me. Even if your project doesn't suit my expertise I can likely recommend where to find assistance.

Then what happens?

We agree on price and service, I carry out and deliver work before deadline, invoice is sent and then paid before due day. It's that simple.

But aren't you're in Gothenburg, Sweden?

My clients are from all over the world and nearly all work is taken care of through e-mail, which makes everything quick and simple.

The documents and materials I represent are sensitive...

My services are fully confidential.

What areas do you work in?

I specialize on texts in the following areas: academia, administration, general medicine, American studies, Ancient Greek, clothing, culinary, culture, data, ecology, ethnology, environment, essays, EU, fashion, film, folklore, genealogy, Germanistics, history, household appliances, humanities, human resources, IT, journalism, linguistics, literature, manuals, marketing, media, grade certification, neuropsychology, the Nordic countries/Scandinavia, pedagogy and education, philosophy, politics, PR, psychology, religion, shipping, social science, sports, technology, travel and tourism, TV and general or popular science.